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Supporting the National War Memorial

We are proud to have the support of the following people.

“I am both proud and humbled that Dover has chosen to take up the challenge to build a National War Memorial to the fallen of the two world wars. Honouring our debt here highlights the significance of Dover at the frontline of freedom and as a symbol of home for those on active service throughout those terrible years of conflict. I am confident that families throughout the UK and Commonwealth will feel a strong affinity with the names of those servicemen and women, merchant navy personnel and ordinary citizens who gave their lives to preserve our liberty. Their sacrifice must surely deserve a permanent, physical memorial.” 
Charles Elphicke Member of Parliament for Dover and Deal


I  write to give my support for the proposed National War Memorial on Dover’s Western Heights. I think a physical reminder of the sacrifice of previous generations is an excellent gesture  from our own more fortunate one so that their names may remain “Not Forgotten”
Ian Hislop

In my capacities as military historian (I am President of the British
Commission for Military History) and as a former Colonel of the Princess
of Wales' s Royal Regiment (the infantry regiment of South-East
England) I was delighted to see of the plans for a National War Memorial
on Dover's Western Heights. It is hard to think of a more evocative spot,
looking out across those narrow seas that have played such an
extraordinary part in this island's history. During the First World War
the citizens of Dover would have been able to hear the distant rumble of
the guns in France, and during the second the town was within artillery
range of the French coast. Many of the troops going to and from the
continent would have used Dover harbour, itself dominated by that great
castle with all the symbolism of earlier wars.
The project has my warmest personal support, and I look forward to
helping as much as I can.
Brigadier Richard Holmes CBE, TD, JP
I am of course delighted to support the National War memorial project, both as an historian and as a local. I cannot think of a better place for a memorial symbolising the sacrifice of both world wars.
Antony Beevor

“my personal view is that a War Memorial of this size, and placed in such a
predominant position looking out across the channel, would be a magnificent visual testament of our eternal gratitude and respect for our heroes, who perished that we might live. I think that the position is also appropriate because our stretch of coastline was the first in the forefront of all attacks, by air, sea or the channel gun. I also think that this Memorial is special because it commemorates not only servicemen and women, but merchant navy personnel, and civilians who perished during the bombing of our homeland.”
Councillor Bernard W Butcher.
Chairman. Dover District Council.


The National War Memorial on Dover’s Western Heights has received full backing from well-known supporters and organisations such as Ian Hislop, the Royal British Legion, Antony Beevor, Richard Sturt OBE, Charlie Elphicke MP and a host of citizens who have endorsed the British Prime Minister’s appeal To honour those who served. To remember those who died. And to ensure that the lessons learnt live with us for ever.”


“I write to give the support of the Royal British Legion to the proposal to build a national war memorial on Dover Heights. A national memorial on the Heights, looking out over the English Channel, seems entirely appropriate and a most imaginative initiative.”

Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely KCB MC DL,
National President of Royal British Legion