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The National War Memorial Vision

To the memory of all those that lost their lives in WW1 & WW2

The National War Memorial to be constructed on Dover’s White Cliffs at Western Heights seeks to commemorate the 1.7 million servicemen and women, merchant navy personnel and civilians who died in the service of this country in the first and second world wars.

Although countless small memorials exist throughout the Commonwealth, there is no single permanent and visible representation recording the losses sustained in the two largest conflicts of the twentieth century.
The design by Craft:Pegg Architects envisages constructing 12 white granite walls representing each year of hostilities. All those who died in defence of the British Isles will be inscribed on the National War Memorial according to the date of their sacrifice with no deference to rank or nationality.
It is expected that the sheer power and beauty of the physical inscriptions will create a profound personal resonance among nearly every family in Britain and the Commonwealth; a grouping which encompasses 2.1 billion people, nearly one third of the world’s population.